Why Do You Play Sports?

There are a lot of reasons why people play sports. When visiting a Sporting Goods Store Fairbanks Alaska last year I talked to a few people that were looking for supplies. I walked up and asked them what sport they played and why.

The few people at Beaver Sports looked at me funny for a moment and then when they knew I was serious came back with these responses.

It is fun – I was told by one person that he played basketball for fun and that it is a good way to get out some aggression.

It keeps me healthy – I had a few people say they played sports because it kept them in shape and made them more fit, but what they did not realize is that fitness is not determined by Sport alone. A lot of my friends said they didn’t play sports because it was so time consuming and they would prefer to spend that time with their kids. I disagree with them, playing a sport at least one day out of the week can actually help you keep your sanity.

It’s a good way for me to socialize – Some will play Sports just for the social aspect of it. They will join a team thinking they can meet new people and make friends, but in reality I don’t find this to be true most of the time. My best friendships have come from playing sports with someone even if you never speak off the court or field.

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Sports are exciting – The people that responded with this reason I’ve found to be the ones who love sports the most. They refuse to stay at home on game night because they want to get out and watch their favorite team in person because it is exciting, and they know there is a chance they could see something memorable.

I like competition – There are some who will play because they love to compete and win. I can’t really say I have ever been like this, but many of my friends that will play a sport would do it just for the thrill of competition alone.