Top Tips For Cleaning Stained Carpet

There are many reasons that you will have a stained carpet. For many of us, it is usually due to excess traffic or some stupid event that we didn’t pay attention to like spilling a glass or wine or letting the dog in and urinating on the carpet. No matter, it can easily be cleaned and made to look like new. For this to happen, commercial carpet cleaning near me in Fairfield will have to be called.

Tip #1 – Wear your socks

When walking on the carpet use bare feet, socks or slippers. You want to avoid anything that was outside. When we go outside we are tracking in dirt and foreign material into our homes which will end up caught in the carpet fibers.

Tip #2 – Clean spills immediately

The longer a spill sits on the carpet, the harder it is to remove.  Spills are also more likely to stain the fibers over time if left unattended. If you have children or pets, then there will be spills that need cleaning right away. Dealing with them as they happen will prevent stains from setting in.

Tip #3 – Get the right cleaning products

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Ensure that you are using a product that is safe for your type of carpet.  Not all carpets are the same and so you want to make sure you get something designed for your specific kind. Do some research on what other people have used with success and go from there.

Tip #4 – Have your carpet professionally cleaned

If you have a lot of traffic coming through the house or just can’t get to some specific stains yourself then hire a professional cleaning company.  A pro will be able to handle those tough spots that no amount of home remedies will get out. There is nothing better than showing someone into your home and having your carpet look better than it did the day you bought it.